Happy 65th Birthday Mom!

We took my Mom and Dad out for dinner. Mom’s bday is on the 9th.
She was craving bbq ribs so we took her to Waldo’s in Mesa. We had a nice dinner and at the end of the meal I let the waitress know we were there celebrating. 
She brought out some peach cobbler and announced to everyone it was her bday and everyone started singing Happy Birthday!!! It was awesome!!! 😀
You know you did it right when she starts to cry…lol!!! 
Except, then she wouldn’t smile for me cuz she was “mad” at me…LOL!!!

And then she couldn’t stop crying!!! Hahaha!!! I’m an awesome daughter ….lol!!! 
Happy Birthday Mom! Love you!

I had to snap this last pic. Alayna was busy drawing on the paper table cloth. She draws all the time. These characters were so cute! 🙂

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