Hummingbirds & Heavenly Messengers

I shared recently that hummingbirds and birds in general are special to me and my family. Every time we are celebrating, mourning, or going through something it seems we have these special visits. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything. Maybe we notice them more because we are looking for them more. But maybe they are sent from loved ones on the other side. I believe they are tender mercies and love notes sent to us to bring us comfort.

I saw this little guy come to one of my purple plants in the back yard. I pointed him out to Jared and said I’m going to get his picture. I took one and stepped closer, and took another. Took another step, and took another, and another and he let me get SO close!!! I couldn’t believe how close I was able to get before he flew off! It was SO neat!! <3

With everything going on right now in the world this little guy brought a little bit of heaven to our home and my heart. Grateful for tender mercies and feeling God’s hand and the presence of family/friends from the other side in my life.

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