Happy Birthday to Me!

This birthday kinda snuck up on me. This whole year has seemed to fly by so fast actually!
It was a low key birthday this year. The family was sick so we stuck close to home mostly. Jared made me my favorite breakfast. French toast! 
We did go see Knives Out at the movies. It was really funny, but fyi, it does have some language. 
Jared did his best to spoil me. We went and got all the things to make a charcuterie board which is one of my favorite things! 🙂 
We also got Martinelli’s sparking cider. Someone put one in the freezer to chill it faster and then forgot to take it out. We found this lovely surprise the next morning. LOL! Oops! 
 No one was feeling up to going to church so we watched cheezy Hallmark Christmas movies and tried to rest up to kick this crud. 
I just wanted to document how gorgeous her hair is. LOL! 
Sammy’s anxiety has been so bad. Alayna wrapped him in a blanket and was holding him tight. It seemed to help. We need to figure out what to do for him, poor thing. 
She also made me the sweetest gift!!! She drew me! <3 She used the picture below as her reference. I love it!!!

I got lots of birthday wishes, texts, and calls. Made me feel loved and grateful. My friend Dawn knows me so well and brought me chocolate! <3 She’s such an amazing friend. Love her! 
 That pretty much wraps up the festivities this year. Nothing too extravagant but it was nice to be surrounded by my family. 
How am I 43 already? LOL!!
I’ll leave you with an adorable pic of me when I was ‘much’ younger. 😛 I think I’m 2 or 3? I’m not even sure. 
When Alayna saw this, she said….I look like you when I was a baby! <3 

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