Shadow A Student Day- Our Last One!!

I got to hang out with this smart cutie today! <3 
I went to the boys’ shadow a student day and Alayna is the last! Hard to believe it! Harder to believe is that it’s been 30 YEARS since I was in Jr. High!!! Holy smokes!!!
I got to meet some of her friends and meet her teachers. 
Her BFF Morgan’s last day at South Valley. She’s moving to Queen Creek. 
Her Science class as a pet hedgehog named Penelope! She was so cool! 
Kickball during PE. 🙂 
This is how we feel about math. LOL! Not really…Alayna is actually REALLY good at math! She’s in all honors classes. <3 So proud of her! 
After a hard day at school and to kick off Fall Break, we decided we needed to go to Outback for lunch and of course dessert!  
I love spending time with Alayna. She’s so fun! I love that she still wants to hang out with me and invited me to go! Love my girl! <3 

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