Volleyball Palooza

This Jr. High Volleyball season is in full swing! This week Alayna played at 5 different locations! 
First was their away game at Desert Ridge Jr. High. 
They won!
Then they had a Scrimmage against Cooley Middle School. 
1st Set: 25 27
2nd Set: 25 12
3rd Set: 25 15 
(for fun because they had extra time)
On Thursday they had their 1st Home Game against Highland Jr. High.

Nothing feels better than winning a Home game! Woohoo!!!.
Saturday they played a Tournament at Aspire Courts in Tempe. Tournaments are several hours long. The girls showed up at 7am and they finished by 1pm. They played their hearts out. It was a lot of fun to watch! 
First game was against Casteel Jr. 

Unfortunately, we got bad luck on the draw with who we played first. Casteel Jr. High is a Chandler school and they have just finished their season. Our girls have just begun. They held their own and we are certain if they would have played them a little later in the day we would have beat them. The ref showed up late and our girls didn’t get a chance to warm up which threw them off. But it was SO close! The third game went into overtime and they beat us 16 to 18. We have a strong team! 
The first game is really important to win. If you don’t win that first one, then the best you can get is 5th place. 
We played Aprende Jr. next. 

 We won! 
Our last game of the day was against Gilbert Christian Jr. 
Another win!!

Here are the stats after we were done. The girls got the best the could since they lost the first game against Casteel. The coach sent out a text later saying, “Casteel won the tournament. And Considering all of the Chandler Schools are almost done with their season, we did really well!”  
These girls played hard! So proud of them! 
And then if that wasn’t enough volleyball for our sweet daughter. She signed up to play a 4×4 with her friends that evening at Court One! 
Alayna loves these because she gets to set. Setter is her jam! 😛 The girls played and had a lot of fun. They ended up placing 4th. The top 2 teams were 8th graders so that was expected. They played off another team to see who would get 3rd and 4th and the girls just lost steam. But they had a blast and it’s always good to get in extra court time! 🙂 

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