SVJH vs Mesquite Jr. and Desert Ridge & a Volleyball Team Builder

South Valley killed it again this week! They won both of their games against Mesquite Jr. and Desert Ridge! 
  Her jump serves are getting more and more consistent! <3 
SVJH 25 Mesquite 2
SVJH 26 Mesquite 24
Not sure what happened in the second game but glad we pulled through! 😛 
Alayna’s biggest fan! <3 Well next to mom. LOL! 
Here are some clips from the game against Desert Ridge. We were a little more nervous going into this game. But the girls played really well and brought home another win! 

SVJH 25 Desert Ridge 11
SVJH 25 Desert Ridge 14
Friday night the coach had all the girls over for a team building gathering. 
They had pizza, played games, played with his cute dog, tried cheer-leading stunts (that looked mighty dangerous..LOL!), ate ice cream and talked, and talked, and talked! The coach said he doesn’t think he’s heard them talk that much ALL season! Haha!!  Oh, and of course took lots of selfies. 😛
 They had a blast! Such a fun idea to help the girls get to know each other better and grow closer! 

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