Another Week of Volleyball!

This week was a little slower paced than last week. Alayna only had 2 games. The first was a Home Game against Gilbert Christian Academy. 

We won but we couldn’t help but feel the teams weren’t matched evenly. GCA gave it their best! 
Second game of the week was against Greenfield Jr. High. We knew going in they were going to be a TOUGH team. Our school and their school haven’t lost a match yet. We wanted to hang on to our undefeated title!
The girls warmed up and you could already feel the tension in the air! 

 They announce the players names for the girls playing the first set. Alayna usually plays the first set so that’s fun to see her run up and high-five the coaches! 🙂 
 Then it was time to get down to business!  
Sadly, we lost. 
14 to 25
17 to 25
Our team really didn’t play their best. I think they got inside their own heads and it spiraled down from there. Greenfield was really good! Like REALLY good! Those girls must have been playing for several years. We still have another chance at redemption on home turf coming up! 🙂 Hopefully our girls will ‘bring it’! 😛  
It was a very up and down week for games! 😛 

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