Summer Coaching

Alayna has been working hard all summer! She’s been going to tons of Club volleyball camps, High School camps, working hard at home when she can bare the scorching temps outside, and taking private coaching. She is so dedicated and driven for this sport. I’m constantly amazed at how quickly she learns and her growth over the last 2 months! It has been incredible! We are so grateful for our friend Justine for getting us in contact with Alex! She has a been outstanding!!

Practice usually is out at Alex’s home but this week she wanted to work on some indoor court techniques. The gym is NOT air conditioned. And it has been a killer summer here in AZ. The temps have been relentless. It’s basically a big metal warehouse oven that is humid, sticky, hot and awful to be in. And that’s how it feels just sitting there watching. I think it takes some crazy dedication and grit to be able to withstand all of that and run drills, and work your tail off! And let me tell you….Alex is a drill sergeant!! She has no mercy!! LOL!! Poor Alayna, she looked like she might fall over dead a few times. 

School starts in a couple of weeks and try outs for the Jr. High team are in August. We are hopeful she will make it!!

Oh, and don’t forget to give big props to the cutest ball shagger out there! <3 He’s a good dad! 🙂

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