So Long Elementary School…Forever!!

Alayna graduated 6th grade!!!🎉🎉
Her homeroom teacher Mrs. Kalen.
She was surprised (and so were we) when the Principal told her that she was to be one of the presenters just before the ceremony! She did so awesome! 💛 
She’s just stunning isn’t she? Love her! 
We’ve been at Settler’s Point for 14 years!! It feels so strange leaving after all these years. 
Closing doors and opening new ones here at the Kitch household! Jr. High here she comes!
After her graduation we decided to try the Culinary Dropout for dinner. 

The food was pretty good. We all liked the appetizers the best! 🙂 
For dessert we went and tried Topos and got their prickly pear ice cream dipped in lime. 
Eli is such goofball! 😛 
Then for 2nd dessert…hey, it’s a graduation…there’s no rule against 2nd dessert! LOL! 
I made Alayna a homemade cheese danish. Actually I made 2 ( I sense a theme 😛 ). A strawberry and a blackberry. 
Congratulations Alayna! We couldn’t be more proud of the young lady you are becoming. You have worked so hard this year and deserve all the goodness that comes to you! Starting ALP for the first time and persevering all year showing yourself and us that you never give up. You are a shining example to your friends and you always have their backs. You always lift and help those around you. You are a strong young woman who knows who she is and Whose she is. Your smile is contagious and lights up every room you walk into. You are always so upbeat and positive. You are smart, funny, goofy, and so much fun to hang out with. Dad and are are excited to see where you go from here. Jr. High is a whole new world full of fun new experiences! Just remember how much Dad and I love you …no matter what! We know you can do anything you put your mind to! You have proven that over and over again. And never stop giving yourself those pep-talks! (I love that you do that!) You are the BEST daughter we could have ever hoped for! Love you to pieces!!!

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