Alayna’s Academic Night

Alayna’s biggest goal this year was to make it to Academic Night. 

She also made it into ALP this year. She transferred in several weeks after the school year started and had to work so hard to get caught up with the other students. Not just because she started late but she basically jumped an entire year ahead in Math and English Language Arts. That’s 2 BIG accomplishments!!!! I’m so proud of her! She never gave up!!👊  Even when she was in tears at the table most nights at the beginning of the year. Even when Jared and I both were telling her maybe it isn’t the right fit. Even when she was even questioning if she could do it…she dug deep and took it one more day. Then another day. And another and look at her now! She amazes me!!!!💜 She is so determined!

And that smile was WELL earned! <3 

Congratulations Alayna! We are so incredibly proud of you sweetie! You are AMAZING!!!!

Alayna has been really into this book called Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson. She’s read it at least 3 times in the last month. She has another book called Blackmoore and she’s been BEGGING to get it. We decided she certainly earned it! When we gave it to her last night she was ecstatic! She was jumping around the house, running, hugging it! Hahaha! I think she might have liked her gift! LOL!

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