Young Women’s Volleyball

It’s volleyball all the time around here! Alayna plays for Club and it’s also Church ball season. She unfortunately hasn’t been able to make most of the games because the two conflict, but she was able to come to the tournament. It was an exciting game. She only could stay and play the first game which they won! She carried the team in the 3rd game by getting 10 consecutive serves/points! It was so fun to hear everyone cheering for her! <3  She had to leave shortly after and they sadly they lost the 2nd game and the tournament. It’s hard choosing where to be. If it were up to her she’d clone herself so she could play more volleyball! Hahaha!
Her passion for volleyball is intense! LOL! She tells me all the time if she’s having a bad day she’ll think, “Hey, at least I have volleyball tonight, or tomorrow!!” (or whatever the case may be). She is serious I tell you!:) It’s her happy place! <3 

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