Mother Daughter Weekend

I love this weekend we get to spend together every year. The boys go off camping for Father & Son’s or some other manly activity and Alayna and I get to spend some girl time together. This year we were excited because End Game came out just in time for our annual weekend! I took Alayna out of school early Friday so we could start the fun even earlier! 🙂 
We got our popcorn and Icees and settled in for the 3 hour epic saga! 
It was SOO good!! We loved it! 
After the movie we did some shopping cuz that’s what girls do. 😛 Actually, neither one of us love shopping but she has been in desperate need of some new clothes. She won’t stop growing! : P 
We worked up an appetite and had dinner at Native New Yorker. We tried their loaded tots. We liked them pretty well. But we both love their wings the best!  🙂 
 We did a little more shopping and ended the night with some ice cream at Cold Stone. Forgot to take a pic of that. Oops! 🙂 
On the way home Alayna announces she’s actually never seen any of the Thor or Iron Man movies. Shocked and stunned…not sure how this can even be true….we went home to remedy this terrible situation! LOL! We made it through 1.5 Thor movies before she started falling asleep. 
She has found some list that tells you how to watch all the Marvel movies in order. So now that’s our new goal. To watch them all in chronological order. I think that’s a great plan to work on this summer! <3 

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