Monica Pruett-Smith & Mark Adam’s Wedding

 My cousin Monica got married on Saturday. It was a gorgeous wedding at the Gold Canyon Golf Resort. Jared and I hadn’t been there before but it is a stunning venue! 
From left to right: Front row- Hollie Mullins, Robin Mullins, Robin Bernal, Martha Morrison, Lindsay Pruett (Monica’s sister) , Mona Pruett (Monica’s mom), Family Friend 
Back row: Jared Kitch, Vanessa Kitch, Robert Morrison, Benny Bernal
This is Monica’s 2nd marriage. She is such an amazing person. I’m so happy she’s found love again! <3 
Her dad Mike Pruett walking her down the aisle. <3 He’s always been so good to me. I love him! <3 
Monica’s girls. Aren’t they stunning!?! Brisa is on the left and Rayna is on the right. 
 The ceremony was casual and had us laughing. It fit them perfectly! And that view!!!! Goodness it’s gorgeous! 

We had to sneak in a pic with that beautiful scenery too! 🙂 
 Dinner was surf and turf. It was yummy!  
The weather was PERFECT! 
I’ve never been to a wedding with fireworks before! It was spectacular! 
Their 1st dance. <3 
I love to see the wedding cakes. I’m always looking for new ideas! Simple and elegant! 

They had a live band and dancing at the end of the night. I even got Jared to take me out on the dance floor for a couple of songs. 

Rayna (Monica’s oldest daughter) , Mona (Monica’s mom), & Renae Foster (One of Monica’s sisters) 

Monica with her parents Mike and Mona. 
My parents cut a rug too! It was good to see them both out there enjoying themselves. They both have had a hard year with major health issues. Dad had prostate cancer which is finally in remission and Mom had a mini-stroke. She’s still a little unstable walking but that night she did great!
Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Mark Adams! 

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