EVJ Tournament

Volleyball season is quickly winding down. Alayna had a tournament on Saturday and May 4th is the Regional Championships! Crazy it’s already so close to being over. 
This was her first year on a Club team and it’s been a learning experience for all of us. 
Her growth since November has been incredible! She’s a completely different player. 
She initially wanted to be a setter but mid-season she’s really come to be really good at being a hitter. She’s starting to fall in love with hitting and it’s so exciting watching her!
I LOVE this shot of her! <3 <3 
Her serves are awesome and she’s even getting her jump serves down now. She’s only 12 and jump serving! 
They lost their 1st game and won the 2nd & 3rd. The last game they actually ended up playing an EVJ-Tempe team. It got a little confusing since they both happened to be wearing the same color jersey that day. LOL! EVJ-Gilber is on the far side. Alayna is hitting the ball. 
Tournament days are long but they are fun! Alayna has made some friends and she’s gained so much through working on a team and honing her skills in volleyball. It his her biggest passion right now. We are hopeful she’ll make the Jr. High team next year! Crossing fingers! 

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