Heavenly Messenger

Well you don’t see this everyday!! 😳 
Went into the kitchen and saw something moving out the window and couldn’t figure out what it was. Opened up the blinds and this giant bird (we believe is a peahen…a female peacock.) was sitting in my fairy garden pot! Lol! 
Please ignore my dirty windows. 😛 

She was happy as a clam sitting there on the edge of that pot. We kept thinking she was going to tip it over because she was so big and the pot is unstable. Jared tried to go out and shoo her away but she didn’t have any inclination to move from her little “nest”. LOL!
We would have let her hang out but then she did what birds do…she pooped…and Jared didn’t want to keep our “guest” around any longer. He got a hand towel and waved it around at her and she got the hint and strutted off. 😛
This girl’s visit may seem random and strange. But throughout my life when I’ve needed strength, a reminder of God, sustaining to endure a trial, or after a loved one has passed, birds come to me. It might sound like hocus pocus or wishful thinking to people, but I’ve had too many experiences to doubt that this little lady was sent to me today. <3
Heavenly Father knows me and knows I’ve been dealing with a lot recently. My grandmother kept peacocks when she was alive. I know she sent this feathered friend to remind me He is aware of me. My family on the other side of the veil are aware of me. And they are all with me and my family encouraging us and helping us through these uncharted waters. It was a tender mercy. I’m so thankful for the Spirit whispering and confirming to me that our visitor was sent just for me and that I am loved and everything is going to be ok. <3

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