Just Call Her “Killer”!

Alayna KILLED it today! 🏐 
They had an undefeated day going into the last game and got behind 3-13. She stepped up and made 10 straight points and came back for the WIN!! 🎉🎉 It was so exciting to watch! 
She absolutely LOVES volleyball. She’s so competitive and she puts in hours and hours of practice every week. She has practice 3 days a week and when she’s not at practice she’s outside practicing here at the house or trying to find a park with a net somewhere or down at the church gym. 
She actually shared a great story with me this week on the way to school in the car. She told me that when she first started on Club she knew she wasn’t the best. But she told herself to keep pushing, practicing and giving it her best and she’d get there. She said I talk to myself a lot. I’m always telling myself I can do it! She said now she feels like she’s one of the top two players on the team and she’s so proud of herself for how far she’s come. I couldn’t agree more!!!!! 
I love that she gives herself pep talks! I mean…how awesome is that!?!!!! <3 
Back Row: (Head Coach) Courtney, Ashlyn, Sofia, Holly, Adelyn, Helena, Kylynn, Alexa (Assistant Coach)
Front Row: Jamie, Haley, Emily, Lacy, Emmy, Alayna 

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