We took the family out to iFly in Scottsdale. We had a BLAST!! 
If you haven’t gone, definitely put it on your bucket list. Even if you are afraid of heights it wasn’t scary according to Walker. In fact, he loved it so much he  actually opted for an extra “high fly” flight! 😊 Love my crew! ❤️

Once you get checked in they let you watch other groups for a bit. Then you are taken to a room to watch a video on hand signals (you can’t talk or hear inside the tunnel), how to enter, hold your body in position, and exit the chamber. 
Then they take you over to get suited up and ready for your flight!
We scored a Black Friday deal that was 50% off. It’s a little pricey otherwise. Our package included 10 flights with 5 of them being high fly flights where you get to go way up to the upper level. We got 5 pictures and 5 videos as well. It was so much fun!! Our family was also REALLY good at it. We had watched other groups before us and we were getting a little nervous it was going to be difficult. But it wasn’t at all and we all did AWESOME! 
Just in case you can’t tell who is who in the pics I’ll put there names after the pics. This one is Jared. He’s always wanted to sky dive. Like for reals sky dive. For his 40th I thought I could let him go do it but then I got too nervous to let him. LOL! Taking him here only made that desire stronger for him! Him and Eli keep threatening me saying when Eli is 18 they are going to do it together and I can’t stop them. Sigh…pray for us! hahaha! 
Alayna was a total natural and even learned how to do turns! 
Eli wanted to jump ahead of the progression and wanted to skip learning turns and go right into the tricks! LOL! 
I wasn’t sure about doing this for a couple of reasons. My foot being one. I didn’t know how the landing would be. But you actually don’t land at all. The air keeps you afloat and you sort just pull yourself out and gracefully land. No impact at all. I was so happy I could do it with the family! <3 I was also super proud of myself for being able to talk myself through all the touching that has to happen. 
Walker was the most nervous out of all of us because of his fear of heights. But he did AMAZING! I’m so proud of him for overcoming something he thought he couldn’t do. And the instructor said his form was “perfect”!!! His smile made it all worth it! 
This was a great family outing and a memory we won’t forget! My goal for 2019 is to make more memories with the family. I love them with all my heart! <3 

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