Happy 12th Birthday Laney Doodle!

Happy 12th Birthday to my Christmas baby! 🎄 
My heart is full of excitement for you and what this next year will bring. You will be starting Young Women and you are going to grow so much! You are incredibly brave, kind, smart, and beautiful inside and out. Your drive and persistence to learn and try new things will take you far. I admire your ability to put yourself in new situations and with new people and make it look easy. You make everyone around you feel comfortable and loved. Your smile is contagious and lights up the room! 
I’ve been baking a lot this year filling orders for my business. Some of the perks is that I don’t always make everything perfect and the family gets to eat the “oops’s” . 🙂 As was the case for her “cake” this year. She was happy as a clam about it! 
And sticking with tradition we watched “White Christmas” together as a family. I went into labor with her after watching it 12 years ago for the 1st time ever. 🙂 
I’m so grateful for you Laney Doodle! ❤️ 
Happy Birthday baby girl! 😘🎂

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