The Last of the Last Primary Programs for the Kitch Kids

Today Alayna spoke and sang in her last Primary Program!! 🎶 She did a beautiful job and bore a spirit filled testimony of a faith growing experience she had recently. 😇 I’m so proud of the young lady she is becoming. ❤️ It’s hard to believe next month she is moving up to Young Women!!! 😮
I tried to be covert and get a pic of her. She’s on the top row on the far left. Hard to see but I tried. 😛 
She was asked to share her testimony for the Program this year. She put a lot of thought and prayed about what to share. I was so proud of her for sharing her story and being so brave and vulnerable. 
 I’d like to bare my testimony about an experience I had last year. 

Recently, I was able to watch women’s conference and a talk spoke to me. President Russell M. Nelson talked about a woman and her son. He was making some bad choices on his phone, and when his mom found out, she took it away. He soon became a more joyful and helpful person. When the weight of the guilt was lifted off of his shoulders, he was able to feel better. That touched me in more ways than one. It helped me see a new aspect of the healing power of Christ’s atonement. Sometimes you need to go through a trial to improve and get a better understanding in life. 

I know that God loves me because he helped me to understand that talk, and I was able to see that my mistakes could be turned into a blessing instead of a burden. He loves me and forgives me and makes me stronger. I know that this church is true and Jesus was sent to earth to allow us to return to heaven. I am so thankful for the challenges that I have endured, that can now help me.

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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