Not the Kind of Deja vu You Want to Have……

Yesterday I was about to head out to pick up my mom for a dental appointment when the house phone rings and Walker is on the other end saying, “I’ve been in a car accident and it is really bad!”
He had just left for CGCC and was heading down Gilbert Rd. at Ray when a girl decided to make a left right in front of him. He tried to slow down but just wasn’t able to stop in time. Her car flipped over from the force. 
Nothing gets your adrenaline pumping and your heart racing like when your child calls you with news like this. 
There were so many tender mercies in all of this. One of which was Jared was working from home and he was able to go with me to help Walker. 
We arrived on the scene and had to park a bit down the street at the gas station. The intersection was blocked off by police cars and a firetruck. As we approached we only could see two silver cars. We couldn’t distinguish which car was his but we saw one on its roof and we started to panic and our already quick pace turned into a run! As we got closer we could see that it wasn’t his car upside down and my heart sighed in relief! 
There was a guy up in his office in one of the buildings there on the corner and he heard the accident. He ran down to help. He was the first on the scene and he pulled the girl out of her car. She couldn’t get out by herself. 
Thankfully, she and Walker are OK!! She had a little scrape on her arm and a bloody nose. All of her airbags deployed. However, she was up and walking around and answering questions. Walker’s airbags didn’t go off. Fords are built pretty sturdy and the front end took the impact the way it should have. He was mostly shaken up from it all but as we were waiting for the police to finish up and get all the paperwork completed he started to stiffen up. He definitely has some whiplash. He’s even more sore this morning. We are getting him to the chiropractor as soon as we can. But truly…It is a miracle they both walked away from this accident! 
The police officer is in front of Jared leading us across the intersection to get to where the kids were. 
I mean….does this not send shivers through your body???
She must have turned RIGHT in front of him. The impact was directly on the front of her car on the passenger side door. Not the rear of the car. I don’t know what she was thinking???
What’s crazy, ironic, sad, frustrating, insert adjective here….. is Walker was in a hit and run in his Kia JUST last November!! 😢 He just got this Ford Taurus in August. So he’s had 2 cars in 2 years but hasn’t owned either of them for more than 6 months! Praying our hearts out her insurance will do the right thing and cover the repairs/replacement. He’s been saving and saving so he can go on his Mission this summer. There’s no extra cash for another vehicle. 😕 He really needs something for school and work ASAP! 

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