And the Fun Keeps Coming….

Almost a month ago exactly we had a roof leak from the rains were were having.  I came home from Time Out For Women and Jared met me at the door as I was walking into the house and said, “We have a leak in the kid’s bathroom.” 
He was trying to replace some of the old hardware. In Arizona everything is calcified. It’s pretty much impossible to get things go budge because our water is so hard. So in trying to get the old hardware out he ended up twisting it and it caused a leak in the wall. 

See the center piece that’s twisted? That’s supposed to be straight. ๐Ÿ˜› 
  We are not plumbers and didn’t know what to do so late on a weekend and 5 smelly people still needed showers! With a couple of phone calls to our Ward family we had 3 amazing men show up to help us! I can’t express our gratitude enough for their service! They truly saved the day! I love our Ward! ๐Ÿงก
Bro. Ashton and Bro. Brimhall arrived first. 
They couldn’t access the pipes on the bathroom side, so they had to cut a hole in on the living room side. They tried for about an hour to weld the pipe where it was leaking but it was just too far gone. They were in over their heads and it was time to call a plumber. 
Thankfully, we had one in the ward, we just hadn’t heard back from him yet. But we gave him another call and Bro. Day came and rescued us! ๐Ÿ™‚ 
He was able to get things in place but it was getting late. He couldn’t finish that night. He was able to cap things off at least so we could get showers in the master bath. We were very grateful for that!!

He came back on Monday and had to cut the hole bigger. He got the pipes all lined up and things put back together. We offered to pay him and he wouldn’t accept it. I can’t say how Grateful we are for him!!!๐Ÿงก
We need to let the wall and insulation dry out for about a week. Once it’s dry Bro. Brimhall said he’ll come back and patch it up for us. I mean….can we be more fortunate? Thankful, thankful, thankful!!!

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