New “to us”!

Last November Walker was in a hit and run accident that totaled his poor little Kia Spectra. He’s been without a car all this time. We thought we’d be able to share my van this school year but as different things came up we quickly realized we’d have to buy another one. 
I really hate buying cars. It’s so stressful! I wanted to get one asap cuz the school year is fast approaching. Jared worked from home today. We looked over Craigslist narrowing the search. Went and test drove two cars and bought the second one! We might be a little insane! LOL!
I also want to mention we couldn’t have bought it on a HOTTER day! We were dying! 
We took it by our mechanic and he said he couldn’t find anything wrong with it. He does have some suspicions about it because it looked like they “might” be trying to hide something, but he didn’t find anything..LOL! We took the risk and we are PRAYING it was a good one!
The car is clean inside and out. It rides really nice and feels safe. It does have a few more miles than we’d like but beggars cant’ be choosers. 
Walker only needs it to get him back and forth to school and work. Eli will be getting his permit in October and driving in April. Walker will be about ready to leave on his mission at that time. So they won’t even have to share (at least not for very long). 😛 
 It’s a 2007 Ford Taurus Se.

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