Volleyball Playoffs & Championships!!

 Today was the BIG day…Playoffs and Championships!!!
Alayna has been nervous and excited all week. I can say I’ve also been on pins and needles! They have been undefeated all season. I was so nervous for them! 
The BEST big brothers a girl could have! Cheering their little sister on! <3 
First game…Ice WINS!!!
It was a nail biter! My nerves were frayed and I was sweating bullets! LOL! But Team Ice came to play! They moved on to the Championships! WooHoo!!
I think I was too stressed to take pictures of the last game cuz this is the only pic I have… Walker stretching (we were there 2 hrs) and Eli making fun of me imitating my happy dance. LOL!!!
They played a 3rd match but Jared must of called it a win and didn’t keep score. LOL! 
Team Ice won the Championships!!!!!!!!!!
Team Ice brought the season to a close UNDEFEATED!! 🎉🎉 WooHoo! 🥇🏆
All of these kids are in our Ward! Catalina has some talent! <3  Proud of these guys! 😊
And especially proud of this player!!! Congratulations Alayna!!!
A shoulder ride to the car was of course in order! LOL! 

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