Volleyball Game- Go Ice!

#6 is our favorite player! 💜 
It was another exciting game! 
Look at those hops!!!! 
Team Ice has won every match this season and has only lost one set!! 
Next week is the playoffs! 
Hopefully they can bring home 1st place and finish out undefeated! 🤞🙏🏐 
Go Ice!!
Our #1 player for sure! Don’t you love her new haircut too? 
One of the mom’s sent me this pic after the game. All of these kids are in our ward. There is actually another girl too. Not sure why she didn’t get in the pic? I’ll try to get one of everyone next week. 🙂 
After their game Alayna’s coach invited some of the kids from her team to stay and play with the next age group bracket up. Of course she begged to stay! She held her own out there and looked great! She loves it! 

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