Had a blast at at Sunsplash! 
The older guys are missing. Walker, Chase and Jacob, were too cool for us. 😉😎 
It brought back tons of memories from when I was in Jr High and High School! ☀️⛱️
Eli brought Ashley.
Alayna brought Morgan.
We ran over to Burger King around 2pm for lunch. We didn’t want to pay or eat the food at the park. It’s super expensive and doesn’t taste very good. As long as you have your wristband on you can enter/exit as often as you like for the day.
The night before I had a bit of a breakdown. I was nervous about being at the water park with all those people and swimming in the pools. I prayed and prayed I’d be ok the next day. I did pretty well. There were certainly times I was having to do some serious self-talk and reassure myself I was going to be safe. I’m grateful I was able to manage the day with out any major panic attacks. I’ve missed going on fun family outings like this! <3 Grateful to my Heavenly Father for blessing me with the courage and healing to be able to! <3 <3 

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