Girl’s Weekend- Father & Sons Campout

It’s that time of year again! Alayna and I wait all year for this weekend! The boys go off to Father’s and Sons and her and I have Girls Weekend!!! 🙂 
It was just Jared and Eli this year that went to Father and Sons. Walker had to work. They left around 3pm on Friday to go be “men in the woods”. 😛 
Meanwhile, Alayna and I went and did a little retail therapy. We got her a couple of new dresses and a little chocolate on the way out! As you can see! LOL! 
Chocolate and AZ temps don’t really mix! 😛 
It was opening weekend for the new Avengers – Infinity War movie and we were both excited to watch it!
Of course we had to get Icee’s and popcorn. We ate SO MUCH popcorn! LOL! Movie theater popcorn just tastes so much better than popcorn at home! 😛 

The movie was SOOO good!!! One of the best ones yet I think. It had a great story line and it was so funny! 
After the movie we went and got her some new shoes to go with her new dresses and then went to Rubios for dinner. Walker was working and we wanted to to say, “Hi!” It’s fun to see him at work. 🙂 
They just opened a new Nitro Live ice cream shop next door. We hadn’t tried it yet. It was pretty cool to watch them make it. The ice cream was ridiculously creamy!!! It was delicious! <3 
We headed home completely stuffed! 
The next day we went to Serrano’s for lunch. I’m pretty sure Alayna has a hollow leg. I honestly don’t know where she puts all the food she eats! LOL! 
She had fiajitas a new discovery for her. She loves steak and veggies. It was a match made in heaven for her. 😛 She also has a love affair with flan. She dreams about flan and asks to get flan any chance she gets. So I had to make all her flan dreams come true! 🙂 
Love my girl to bits!!!!
As we were leaving the restaurant we saw a bunch of #redfored teacher standing on the corner showing their support for the teacher walk out that’s been happening since Thursday. Our state ranks 50th in the USA for teacher pay. Our school classrooms are over crowded with too many students, the buildings are falling apart, the text books are out of date, and our children and teachers deserve better. There is a lot of controversy about why did they choose to walk out now and not at the beginning of the next school year. Parents are upset because they rely on the schools to babysit their kids while they work. I was told it was illegal for them to walk out because of their contracts. But the bottom line is, no matter when this would have happened people would be upset about something. I stand 100% behind our teachers and our children. They are our future and deserve SO much better than what they have had!!!!! Arizona keeps voting for tax increases and passing Props for education and the money never makes it to the schools, teachers, or students. It’s sickening. 

After lunch we did a little more shopping. We picked up some fun nail polish and other things. We had such a fun time together! We love our Girl Weekends!
The boys got home late in the afternoon. 
They had a blast! Eli helped cook breakfast for everyone. He loves to cook. <3 They had paracord bracelet making, air soft gun wars, shot guns (Jared came in 1st place for adults and 2nd place over all! 🙂 ), played games and soaked up all that nature!!! 🙂

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