’80’s Etiquette Night

The Young Men and Young Women planned an ’80’s themed night. The boys came up with their outfits and I think they nailed it!!!  
Walker went as a Preppy and Eli went as a Jazzercise lover! LOL! 

The socks, tights, and shorts came from Alayna. I have NO idea how they even fit him! 

They looked awesome!
All the guys…
Eli is really learning “etiquette” as you can see. SMH! 
Walker pointed out that he was wearing all of his “normal” clothes. All he did was put a sweater around his neck. I just told him he has a timeless look. 😛
Walker is also crazy strong!!! People are always so surprised with how much he can lift!
 The boys had a good time. Grateful for our ward that works so hard to put on fun activities for our youth!

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