Walker’s 2nd Sleep Study

It’s been a couple of months since Walker’s septoplasty surgery. His doctor’s wanted a follow up sleep study to see if it has improved his sleep apnea. They would have liked to wait a few more weeks but we’ve met our deductible for the year and I pushed to do it so that we could take advantage of the savings. These studies are EXPENSIVE! We are still making payments on the one he had in Jan. They said they felt it would be ok and would give them a close enough gauge. So we moved forward with it. 
He went to a different place this time. Last time he went to Phoenix Children’s Hospital which was really uncomfortable and he was sleeping in a hospital bed. Jared had to stay in the room with him too. It didn’t make for the most accurate readings. 
This time he went to Valley Sleep Center in Mesa. It was way closer to home and it was more like a home experience. He had a regular bed and they even put Jared in his own room too. It was really nice!
We should be getting his results in a week or two. Hoping he’s gotten some relief from the procedure. If not we will have to look into other options. 

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