Alayna’s 11th Birthday!!

Time keeps slipping through my fingers. Our “baby” turned 11 years old! This month has been nuts with sickness. Luckily we went to lunch the day before her bday and had a little celebration at Olive Garden. 
 Because the next day, and the whole week following, she ended up like this….
Sick 🙁 
The flu hit hard and was relentless!
We did manage to keep our tradition of watching White Christmas on her birthday. 
We had to postpone her friend party until the 30th. She had a small group come over for a movie night. She chose Dead Men Tell No Tales. She loves that movie. They jumped on the tramp, ate way too much candy, Jared grilled some hot dogs and they had a blast! 
The downside was that evening the flu hit me hard and fast and I had to leave Jared to run everything on his own. 🙁 He was great though and the kids I’m sure didn’t even notice I was missing. LOL! 
Happy 11th bday sweetheart! 

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