No More Pinkie Pie!

It’s time…..
We died Alayna’s hair over the summer and it’s pretty grown out, faded and time to go back to her old brunette self! 🙂 
Luckily we have a great friend that does hair right out of her home! 🙂 
Color correction is a little tricky! It takes trial and error. The first color she tried was a good match for the top portion of her hair but the bottom where it was really bleach blonde it turned the hair green!!! We couldn’t let the poor girl leave with green hair so we tried another color.
By this time she wasn’t as excited about going through the process. Louise had all the Harry Potter books so that helped her pass the time the 2nd go around. 😛 
The hair color still isn’t “right”. It’s a dark brown which doesn’t exactly match but at least it isn’t green. She told us it should fade over time but if she still doesn’t like it we can come back and she’ll try another color with a little red undertones which will be closer to her natural color. 🙂 
Alayna wasn’t happy at first about going back to her normal color but last night she announced, “I’m so glad I’m a brunette again! I look so much better!” LOL!!!

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