General Conference Weekend

One of my very favorite times of the year is General Conference!!! It fills my mind, body and spirit with so much goodness!! 
This Conference landed on the same weekend as Walker’s Homecoming so we had to shuffle some things around but we managed to watch 99% of it live. We only have a couple of talks we will catch up on for Family Home Evening. 🙂 So thankful for technology!!! <3 
And it wouldn’t be conference without tons of yummy food which I always forget to take pictures of and a King Benjamin tent/fort. 😛 

Complete with air conditioning!!! LOL!!

I don’t know if you can see Alayna? She’s on the couch on the left. Eli is on the floor. Walker is on the couch behind him. 

Here are some of my favorite quotes from conference: (I will add more favorites when we finish catching up on all the talks. 🙂 )

Sis. Neill Marriot– “Clean our inner vessel. Get the residue of pride out of our pitcher. Drop by drop- seek, ask, and obey, He will fill us.”

Sis. Joy D. Jones– “If we sin, we are less worthy, but we are never worth less!”

Pres. Dieter F. Uchtdorf – “It’s no so much your abilities but your choices that determine your life.”

Jeffery R. Holland- “Our only hope for perfection is from receiving it as a gift from Heaven. Strive for steady improvement. Avoid toxic perfectionism. Even the Lord Jesus Christ continued from grace to grace. Continue to strive no matter how clumsily or inadequately.”

Ronald A. Rasband–  He quoted Neal A. Maxwell who I LOVE! “Within each of our circles of friendship there lie so many unused opportunities to love, to serve, and to be taught. None of us ever fully utilizes the people- opportunities allocated to us within our circles of friendship. You and I may call these intersectings “coincidence”. This word is understandable for mortals to use, but “coincidence” is not an appropriate word to describe the workings of an omniscient God. He does not do things by “coincidence” but instead by “divine design”.
                                                                   –“Brim with Joy, BYU Speeches, Jan. 23, 1996.

“There is a guiding hand above all things. If a sparrow falls the Lord notices. He is orchestrating moves for you.”

“When has the Lord acted in your life….and then again? Changes seem like missteps but it’s where we need to be.”

“He can put us in situations. He is wiser. He knows our challenges and trials.”

“I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts” – D&C 84:42.

“Not all God asks of us is about how strong or faithful we are. The Lord knows what we are capable of and all things shall work together for our good.”

“He is in the details of your life and in the major milestones.”

Can you tell I loved his entire talk!?!!! <3 <3 

Sis. Jean B. Bingham- ” No matter what we’ve suffered. He is the source of healing. But we need to invite Him.”

Donald L. Hallstrom– “What constitutes a miracle? It is a beneficial event brought about by divine power that mortals don’t understand.”

W. Christopher Waddell- “Whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be lifted up in the last day”- Alma 36.:3

“In the Lord’s time, solutions will come.”

W. Craig Zwick– “Remember to put your Savior Jesus Christ at the center of your life today.”

Pres. Henry B. Eyring– “Fear not little flock. Doubt not, fear not. Stand by your faith and doubt and fear will diminish. Faith put into actions allows us to feel the love of God.”

Joni L. Koch- “How do we act when we are apart? Don’t put permanent labels on people.”

Stanley G. Ellis- “The Lord trust us but do we trust Him? Be not wise in our own eyes.”

“Hard is the “constant”, the “variable” is our reactions to the hard.”

“Hard can be good for those who move forward with faith and trust God. he is the way the truth and the life.”

Neal L. Anderson- He quoted Elder Hales who prepared remarks for conference but passed away before the afternoon session. “When we choose to have faith we are prepared to stand in the presence of God. Our faith prepares us to be in the presence of God.”

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