Walker’s Eagle Scout Project- Gilbert Constitution Fair – Flag Display

 We’ve been in the thick of Eagle Scout mania around here. Eli finished his last month just in time for Walker to kick his into high gear!!
His project was to find 350 flags to place around the Gilbert Constitution Fair. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ He organized crews to pound in rebar, post flags and remove them after the event. 

Finding enough flags was a job unto itself! Not many ward’s do flag routes anymore. But he was able to find enough…and actually about 20 more than he needed! <3 

 All we have is Big Red (aka our Dodge Grand Caravan that’s been in the family for 15.5 years. πŸ˜› ) she has been through thick and thin with us. She pulled through once again as our “truck” to pick up all of the flags. She was “just” long enough to squeezed them in. We had 4 different types of flags. Our ward’s which were 2 pieces and fit really easily, Ray Building’s which are on PVC and shorter, Silver Creek Ward had long metal poles and another ward’s had even  looonger metal poles which “barely” fit from the VERY front of the van up to the dashboard to carefully shutting the trunk door!
Walker and I ran around for 2 days picking up all the flags together. We were hot, tired, and a little punchy by the end of pick-up, loading, unloading, and sorting. πŸ˜› 
 But they sure looked cool all lined up and organized! Jared got them all moved and organized in the garage. πŸ™‚ 
Friday night we had Bro. Watt, Bishop Hawk and his wife Louise come with their SUV and pick up truck to help us get them all to the Civic Center for the morning since we couldn’t take them all at once in Big Red. We also had to load up the rebar which is really heavy when they are bundled together!!!
Bishop couldn’t pick it up by himself! LOL!!!
We all got up bright and early Saturday morning at 6am. Bro. Flores showed up then to take the last of the flags and I followed him in the van with Alayna which was also full. Jared, Walker, and Eli took Jared’s car and we all met up at the dirt parking lot by the Civic Center. 
Once we got there Alayna had to leave to go to the Stake Activity Day activity. We missed her but I think she was happy to go play with her friends. πŸ˜› 
Jared laid out the map (he’s good at maps πŸ˜› ) and the routes.  
Walker gave each truck of volunteers a map, twine that measured 25ft, and sent them on their way with their flags, sledgehammers, and post pounders. 
Note: Post pounders are an AMAZING tool!!! It made getting the rebar in the ground a snap!
I also want to say that the morning was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! The temps have fallen (at least for a few days) and it was wonderful!!!!
Giving the volunteers instructions. 
Measuring out the twine. 
 Getting ready to replenish the troops with drinks and more supplies.  
Then everyone was off and got to work!!!
Happy faces even after all their hard work! πŸ™‚ 
Looking good!!!
It really looked so cool when they were all posted!! <3 Our flag is really pretty! USA! <3 
Walker and his best friend Chase. Chase also did a project for the Fair. 
All of the volunteers!!! Big, Big THANK YOU to all of them!!! We couldn’t have done it without their help! <3 It took us about 2.5 hours to finish. 
After we finished setting up all the flags we headed home to touch base. Walker needed to decompress and Eli, Jared and I decided we were starving. So we grabbed some breakfast together. πŸ˜› Eli said he deserved it! Haha! Walker didn’t have an appetite but we brought something home for him afterwards. 
We wanted to check out the Fair so we went as a family to play games, try new foods at the food trucks, listen to the musical performers, catch up with friends, watch fireworks and then the boys were recognized for their part in putting on the Fair. πŸ™‚ 
 The boys were recognized for their Eagle Projects and how their hard work helped make the event a success!!! I was one proud Mom!! <3 Aren’t my boys handsome!?! πŸ™‚ 
There were 9 boys who did projects. 
They got to ring the Liberty Bell 16 times for the 16 years they have held the Constitution Fair in Gilbert. 
Thankfully they all counted correctly. LOL! πŸ˜› 
4 of the 9 were from our ward! Jacob, Chase, Eli and Walker! 
 Then it was time for the evening to wrap up for the community with a really great fireworks display!
Don’t we all look like a bunch of rag-a-muffins…hahaha! It had been a long day and it wasn’t quite over yet!!!
After everyone cleared out by about 10pm it was time to gather the crew of volunteers and pull rebar and flags out of the ground.  
It went a lot faster than the morning went. It only took us about an hour. I think we had more kids from Walker’s Seminary class show up and help. πŸ™‚
Alayna was exhausted….her face looks like how we all felt! πŸ˜› After all the flags/rebar was pulled we had everyone drive over to the house to unload which took another hour or so. I think we all finally fell in bed a little after midnight. 
Sunday after church we drove by the area to take pictures for Walker’s paperwork. He needed pics of before/after. 
I think maybe we should have flags up all the time. It looks so much nicer! πŸ™‚
Walker did an awesome job of coordinating and delegating and implementing every step of his project. I’m so proud of him!!! These projects really help the boys learn valuable lessons. The scouting program is really great at preparing them for their future. 
And now my boys are DONE!!!! Woohooo!!!!!!
 It was a great day of service which wouldn’t have been possible without all of the hard work from all of the volunteers!! Big thank you to everyone who came out and gave of their time!

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