We Got Screwed

Sorry…I couldn’t help myself…the pun was too good to pass up! 😛 
We were out running errands with the kids and about to pick up an extra 3 teenagers to go back to school shopping with us. Don’t ask me why they thought it would be fun to tag along to go  school shopping with us, but apparently we are “that” fun! LOL! 😛 
On the way to the 1st friend’s house I felt the van’s tire feel off. I thought I had a flat. Thankfully, it happened right as we were passing Discount Tire and we were able see that I had ran over a screw in the road and we were able to take care of it pretty quick! Grateful for tender mercies! 
We had to actually replace 2 of the tires since they were verging on the danger zone for tread. We piled back into the car and gathered all of the kid’s friends and ran around in the oppressive heat with 6 teenagers from store to store to store! LOL! 
It was a day we won’t forget! It still makes me laugh! 😛 

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