Reminder of God’s Tender Mercies….

Facebook is on a roll. One year ago today: 

“Do you believe in miracles??? I do!!! ❤️ We got the test results back for all 3 kids and Jared and they are all negative!! I don’t know how Jared didn’t get it. He was with me the entire time I was in the ICU (and didn’t always wear the gown, gloves, and mask he was supposed to wear). He helped me in and out of bed, helped dress me, helped me to the restroom, he helped me to do everything while I was so contagious! I’m SO thankful!!! ❤❤❤️ God is good!!!”

I remember feeling SO much relief about the family testing negative. We were in the midst of 1/2 of them with stomach bugs and I wasn’t 100% confident it wasn’t cdiff. My heart was so full! I still am amazed that Jared was negative! 

It’s also been a really good reminder to me. I’ve been struggling the past 13 months with PTSD/ Anxiety about contracting it again. Reading again that Jared was in the fox hole with me in the hospital and that he didn’t get it, it helps me a little to feel like maybe it isn’t as contagious as my mind has trained itself to believe. 

I’m so grateful for this reminder and God’s tender mercies! 

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