Big Brothers Are Wizards!

Alayna had another game today! We’ve been going down to the church to practice serving and bumping and all the different skills. She’s really been having a hard time with serving. Something just wasn’t making sense to her not matter how many times we would explain it to her. 
The night before she was D-O-N-E with volleyball! She said she wanted to quit and the end of this season. She wasn’t good at it and it wasn’t ever going to come together for her! I was sad, but not every sport is for every kid. So I just told her I was glad she gave it a try and we can find something else for her to try out. 
Eli came with us to watch her game this morning. There was some time before it started and the kids were able to practice for a bit. Eli was being an awesome big Bro. and was working with her. He was trying to figure out what wasn’t working for her. Then it dawned on him…..

He’s been practicing badminton with some of his friends that are girls, not to be confused or to be called girlfriends. 😛 The coach told them their feet had to be a certain way so he thought maybe it was something with her feet? 
Once he figured that out and explained it needed to be the opposite foot than hand and everything clicked and fell into place! It was magical!!!! 😛 
Let me just add….we’ve told her this very thing about 100 times prior to this day….but for whatever reason, Eli had the magic touch and it all came together! 😛 
 She played the best game she’s ever played! She scored 5 points for her team and they won their game!!! 
She was grinning ear to ear the entire time! She was so thrilled! She ran over and told Eli what an awesome brother he is and that he’s a Wizard! 😛 Hahaha!!! 
Oh, and she announced she wants to sign up for next season now! 😀 

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