Alayna had her yearly check up at the doctor the other day and she failed the hearing screening again. She reminded us it’s been since 2014 since she’s had her hearing screened at the audiologist. So we took her in today to get those cute little ears checked out! 
As you can see…she’s really enthusiastic about the whole thing! LOL!!!
In 2014, I got a call from the school saying she failed the hearing test there. I took her to the pediatrician and she failed it there. Took her to the ENT and his audiologist screened her and basically told us he thought she was faking it. That ruffled my Mom feathers and I asked to go somewhere else for her to be tested. They sent us out to have a newborn screening in which she basically just sits there and the machine does all the work. What do you know???? She failed it!!! Some doctors I tell you! grrr….
Anyway, they told us she has hearing loss in both ears. Her right is worse than her left and it’s low tones she struggles with. (She hardly ever hears Jared unless he talks loud.) Hearing aides don’t help with low tone loss. So it’s basically something we have to let her teachers know about and and she needs to try to pay attention in class. 
Today’s visit basically confirmed the same thing we knew in 2014. Thankfully, however, her hearing hasn’t gotten worse. So we just need to make sure her ears are free from wax as much as possible so she doesn’t have that extra barrier in the way and remind her teachers she needs to sit where she can hear them well. 
The paying attention part might be the struggle. She’s a social butterfly and loves attention. Getting her to focus and listen is a bit of a challenge! LOL!! 

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