Alayna’s Swim Meet- 50M Backstroke & Freestyle

Alayna had her swim meet last night at Mesquite Pool. Jared is in Miami for work so we made sure to take lots of pictures and video for him! 🙂  
 Eli LOOOVES waiting for her races! LOL!!! 
It does take a little while but when her races start we are the biggest cheerleaders out there! 🙂 
 Her first race was the 50m backstroke. All week she’s been telling me she hates the backstroke and she doesn’t feel like she’s very good at it. We’ve been having some little pep talks about “If you think you can you’re right and if you think you can’t you’re right!” Better to think positive!!!! 🙂 

Eli was our awesome photographer for the night. I love the underwater shots of her! 

And wouldn’t you know it!!! The little stinker got 1st!!!!! 
We were all jumping up and down with excitement!!! So very proud of her!!!

 Her last race was the 50m Freestyle. She’s good at this stroke but it’s not her favorite she says.  
LOOOVE this picture!!! Maybe I should have Eli take them every week! 🙂 
 She’s in the 3rd lane from the left. 
 Almost there!!!
She did it!!!!
She pulled it out again and placed 1st!!!! She said she prayed right before she went! LOL!!! I had also promised her if she could get another 1st place we’d go get an Icee afterwards! I think she had a little motivation and help!!! Hehehe! 
This was a first for her also, in the fact she’s never placed 1st twice in one night! I’m one proud Momma and Jared can’t wait to watch it when he gets home! 🙂 

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