Walker Bought A Car!

We made a deal with the kids that if they would come up with a portion we agreed upon for a car we’d pay a portion of the car’s price as well. Walker has been saving up for a long while. He’s hoping to get a job really soon and next year he will need a car to get to and from school. We have been looking on Craigslist for weeks. It’s tough out there! If any car is remotely in good shape and close to Kelly Blue Book, it’s pretty much gone before you can even call to set up a time to go see it! 
Big prayers were sent up and answered and the very first car, and the ONLY car the guys were able to actually test drive, when we first began looking was still available. The man selling it wasn’t willing to come down in price AT ALL when they originally went. I guess several weeks was enough time for him to see he was asking too much and just wanted to sell the car. 😛 
Jared and I drove into Scottsdale and picked it up while Walker was still in school. He was really happy when he got home! 🙂 
It’s a 2004 Kia Spectra EX with only 94k miles. 
It’s a cute little first car. 🙂 It has a few things we need to get maintenance on but nothing major. I’m a little nervous about how much it’s going to raise our insurance having a boy teenage driver !! LOL!!:)
Fun and exciting times!!

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