Mother’s Day

I didn’t want much for Mother’s Day. In fact, all I asked for were for all of the blinds in the house to be washed and for Jared to pick up some carne asada from the carniceria for a yummy lunch! 🙂 
Both of my wishes came true! <3 
 Walker and Jared worked most of Saturday taking all the blinds down and giving them a good scrubbing. Blinds are heavy and awkward to maneuver and just plain old lots of work. I was so thrilled to have them all done!!! Happy to have a big strapping teenager to lift those things! 🙂 
I think I must be getting old…LOL! Should clean blinds make me so happy? But honestly it was the BEST gift ever! I feel like I have a brand new house again! Especially if you were to have seen the state the kitchen blinds were in!!! 😛 
Alayna surprised me with a framed picture of us from her activity a week or so ago and a cook book her class at school made. Such a cute idea!
Eli also surprised me. He’s not usually one for cards and such as he’s gotten older. He came in Sunday morning beaming and handed me this. I love the art work! Totally a crack up! Is that me giving the mom “look”? Hahaha!
One thing I’ve heard Eli say often this year is, “You are there.” That means so much to me! All I ever wanted to be was a stay at home mom. Some may not feel that is “enough”. But I have loved it. I’ve also seen how important it is to be home not only when they are in Elementary School but also as my kids have gone into Jr. High and High School. Our kids need us more than we realize. Sometimes more now than even when they were smaller. Their problems are bigger and have a profound affect on them. When they get home they need to let it all out and share their day with someone. Eli has told me several times it’s nice to know I’m here whenever he needs me. If I’m not home when he gets home from school (which is rare) I get a phone call asking where I’m at and when will I be home? LOL!! It’s pretty cute! I’m really thankful I “can” be home with my children. We have had to sacrifice a lot for me to be able to do it. We don’t have fancy cars, the latest fashions, or gadgets….but we have what we need.  <3
 It was so sweet and thoughtful. And of course he had to put his own humor into it. 🙂 
 At church all the mom’s got roses. I got two cards from Jared’s parent’s and my parents too. <3 
 Jared and the boys made an amazing spread of food for lunch! We all were so stuffed! 
Jared grilled the carne asada perfectly! I didn’t even get a picture of the chocolate overload cake we had too. 
After we had lunch we pulled up our old home movies and watched the day each of the kids were born and some videos from when they were so little and too adorable for words. I looked over and found Jared was even wiping a few tears away too! <3 Our babies are growing up so quickly. Made me so grateful for all those videos I used to take!!! Help our old brains remember those memories!
It was a really nice Mother’s Day weekend. So grateful for my three beautiful children that have enabled me to hold the title of Mom. Grateful to my Father in Heaven who has blessed me with the gift of motherhood. Not every woman is blessed so richly. This year has been filled with a lot of reflection and looking into the future too. Walker will be a Senior. Big decisions are on the near horizon for him. If he will go to college for a little while or if he will decide to serve a mission first. Eli is starting High School. Both boys are going to be at the same school for one year, one last time. I’m so happy they will have this opportunity to bond. Alayna is heading into 5th grade and is becoming a young woman before our very eyes. I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. I know even with all these milestones other milestones will follow. It’s just hard to think about letting them grow up and eventually…very soon….they will be leaving home. It’s tough on this sappy mom’s heart! <3 
Happy Mother’s Day!! 

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