Eli’s End of The Year Band Concert

Eli had his final band concert of the year! 
He always puts his stand SO high we can never see him! He’s the one in the center ducking under his stand…such a goof-ball! He really hates having his picture taken! LOL!
He finally lowered it and even gave us a smile! 😀
His Jazz band performed first. They sounded pretty good! 🙂 
This is his 8th grade band. He’s on the right side, second row from the back on the very end. I love it when I can actually see my kids! 😛 
The band is definitely progressing and they sounded really great! We got to see some of the Disney music workshop they did. Some before with the kids just sight reading, and after they worked with the Disney conductor. It was night and day! LOL! But impressive how quickly they learned with just a few minutes of instruction. 
For their final musical number they played, “Also Sprach Zarathustra”. Mr. Bannon turned down the lights in the house and on stage and conducted with a red light saber. It was cute and the kids sounded awesome! 
So that’s a wrap! Good news is that he is planning to continue in band next year! 

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