Bob Ross Rocks!

Walker and a bunch of guys from the ward put together a group date with some girls they all know. The theme was Bob Ross. They went and got all of the supplies and the winner was awarded a Bob Ross t-shirt. 🙂 They watched a YouTube video and they all tried to replicate it. They voted for the couple’s that had the best painting. 
Sadly, Walker and his date didn’t win but I thought they did pretty good!! 😛 
I thought it was a really clever and fun idea! I think I might steal it and do it with some of our friends!

After the group date Walker and the guys and different group of girls from the Ward went to an Escape Room in Mesa.

He said it was fun but not as difficult as he thought it would be. 🙂 I’m not sure I’d say the same thing if it was me! LOL!

They finished with 17:02 minutes to spare! They rocked it!!!

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