Walking Pneumonia

Eli’s been really sick since Friday. It started with a stomach bug and transitioned into a respiratory issue. He’s been coughing non-stop, running high fevers, and just miserable. Last night my “mom intuition” finally kicked in after listening to him cough his little heart out. I had a bolt of lighting thought strike me and reminded me of how it sounded so much like Alayna did just a few months ago. Maybe he has walking pneumonia? Maybe I should call the doctor and get him in?  
 We got him checked out today first thing and an x-ray… and wouldn’t you know it….I was right! It took me a while, but I eventually listened to that “little voice” that tells you what you need to do! LOL!! 
He’s super happy about the whole thing..can’t you tell? Haha! 😛 Poor kid. I wish my intuition was a little more on point sometimes! 
The doctor put him on a Z-Pack and hopefully he’ll be back to his old wild and crazy self in no time! <3

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