Eli’s 14th Birthday!!

Eli had his 14th Birthday on the 14th! We didn’t forget…he just “hates” having his picture taken and I was finally able to negotiate with him to let me do it today! Sinker!!! 😛 
Eli brings so much life into our family! He’s hilariously funny, smart, kind, and always up for an adventure! He makes everyone around him feel special. <3 He’s really come into himself this year and its been so neat to see!
He has a mind for puzzles and is amazing at solving problems. He can look at something and work it out in his head before you even have a chance to process it! 
He has an unhealthy love for Memes and is constantly spouting them off around the house. And he REALLY loves it when I start to repeat them back! haha!
Keks, Fam, Dab, Got ’em, and Triggered are heard around here non-stop!! 😛  
He’s made some really great friendships this year and has become a leader. People are drawn to him. He’s supportive, and has a great ability to help others to see how great they are. He includes everyone (not matter how young or old)  and is always cooking up some crazy fun thing to do! He rarely sits still. He’s constantly on the go…he’s been this way since he was born. 🙂 He has a tender heart and really has so much compassion and love for others. He’s also pretty handsome! All the girls are all  ga-ga over him! LOL!!! Sometimes that’s a blessing and a curse! 😛 
Happy 14th Birthday son!!! We love you!!! (Dab 😛 ) 

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