All Cleared

Took Alayna on Friday for her final foot follow-up!
She was anxious to hear what the Dr. was going to say. She’s ready to get on with her crazy and wild 4th grade life! 😛
Waiting for the Dr. isn’t so fun…LOL!!
Dr. Krahn came in and did an exam. He poked around on her foot and she isn’t having any pain now. He said she’s all cleared and can go back to all of her favorite activities!!! Yay!!!
It may recur at some point in the future until the growth plate is fused–around age 13 years old. So we just need to keep an eye on it and NO walking around the house barefoot on the hard floors.
She is really happy to finally get back to doing all of her favorite things! 🙂 The body is so awesome that it can heal!!!

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