February Family Temple Day!

Since it’s February I thought it would be fun to do a little “loving service” for the patrons that came to the Temple that day. 
I made these little heart notes and we added some chocolates in a baggie. Pretty easy and simple. 🙂 
 Alayna and I had found a family name for one of the boys to take to do baptisms. It was fun teaching her how to use FamilySearch.org. It’s such an amazing program that has helped so many with researching and finding their ancestors! 
Walker chose to do the family name but when we got to the Temple he realized he grabbed his “expired” recommend and not his current one. So instead of driving a half our round trip and making the rest of the family wait, he stayed with Alayna and I and helped us put the baggies together, while Jared and Eli went and did baptisms. It all worked out! 🙂 
 I think Alayna was happy to have a little company too! 
We read Elder Eyring’s talk from the 2005 April General Conference called, “Hearts Bound Together”. It’s a great talk! It also tied in with our Valentine love theme. <3 
Then it was time to deliver our surprises. Walker and Alayna split up and delivered them to random cars all over the parking lot of the Temple. It’s such a good feeling to do an act of kindness for others. Especially when they aren’t expecting it. We hope it made someone’s day extra special! 
 We forgot to take a picture of all of  us at the Temple so we snapped one in the car. Some random light is shining on Alayna’s eye…lol! It’s the best one I had to choose from. 😛
The night before I asked Facebook Land where their favorite breakfast places were so we could have a tasty meal after our trip. One of my friends suggested Egg N’ Joe. It’s brand new. They opened about a week ago. It’s right by the Temple too so it made it a perfect choice! It was pretty yummy too! 
We are loving our New Year’s Resolution!!! 

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