Family New Year’s Resolution!

So before the end of the year I was thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. One night in the shower (this is usually where I receive most of my inspiration…LOL! ) the thought came to me that we should make it a family resolution to go to the temple together once a month. I threw it out to the family to see what their thoughts were and happily everyone thought it was a great idea!!! 🙂
So today we got up early and we got dressed in our Sunday best and went to the Temple together!! 

Alayna is 10 years old. She still has 2 years until she is old enough to go and perform baptisms. I didn’t want that to stand in our way though. I think you can enjoy the temple inside and outside!
Jared and the boys went in and did baptisms and Alayna and I hung out together. You an actually go inside the temple without a recommend. They have a lobby area and a waiting room. Alayna had never been inside so I thought we’d start there. She was SOOO excited!!!! Excited isn’t even the right word….she was ecstatic!!! She kept talking about it all week and all the way there! She couldn’t believe she was going to get to go inside! 🙂 
While her and I wait together my plan is to teach her all about temples. Why we have them, what their purpose is, and why they are so important to us. I have been gathering worksheets, scavenger hunts of things you can find at the temple, scriptures, puzzles, games, all sort of things that we can do to deepen her knowledge of the temple! I’ve also come up with some other FUN ideas for next month, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise! 😛 
We are all so excited about this family resolution! Everyone had a great morning and we ended it with a giant breakfast at Black Bear Diner! Who doesn’t love a yummy big breakfast?!? 🙂 

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