Dreaded Phone Call….

Nothing gets your heart pumping as a mom like getting a phone call from your son saying, “Mom we’ve been in a car accident!”
I asked him if he was ok he said he was banged up some but ok. I asked him where he was and he couldn’t tell me. His voice was shaking and he was scared. I asked him to tell me what he saw around him..buildings, stores, ect. He said he could see a Wells Fargo and a Staples. I knew right where he was and told him I’d be there in about 5 min. 
Eli had been at the mall with some friends. His friend Kalvin’s Great Grandma was driving the 4 boys home afterwards. They were heading west on Warner just passed Val Vista. They were in the middle lane and a girl who was on her phone decided to pull out of the Taco Bell driveway onto Warner. She didn’t have enough room (because she wasn’t watching), Eli saw her coming and said, “What is she doing???” Then he heard the Great Grandma yell, “Oh no!!!”
She hit them on the passenger side door. Eli was sitting behind the driver furthest away from impact. When she hit them it pushed the car over the median. Thankfully no oncoming traffic hit them coming from the other direction. As you can see if things would have been just a little different they might have even hit that light pole right behind the fire truck. Thankfully that didn’t happen either! <3
All of the boys were able to get out and walk away from the scene. They had scrapes, cuts, bruises, and some headaches but nothing too major. The Great Grandma however did break her wrist and was beat up pretty bad. They took her by ambulance to the hospital. That is her sitting on the median with the paramedics. 
 The boys were in the gold car and the at fault driver was in the black car. 
Eli was sitting next to Kalvin’s brother Cody. He only had a lap belt on and he is about 5-6 years old. It didn’t restrain him very well and he slammed into Eli’s right arm and right side of his face. Which then pushed Eli the other direction and he hit the bridge of his nose on the driver’s seat in front of him. Then he hit his head on the window. We don’t know how he got the scrapes on his shin.
That night he already started getting sore. His nose was killing him. His right arm, neck, back and head were throbbing pretty good. We gave him some ibuprofen and ice packs to help. 
He hasn’t been able to go to school the last 2 days because he’s so sore and the headaches are pretty strong. 
This whole experience rattled him pretty good. He’d never been in a car accident before. We talked really late that night because he kept playing what happened over and over in his mind and couldn’t sleep. He kept saying things like, “what if this would of happened? or if she hit us at this spot instead of that spot?” I just sat with him and listened and tried to comfort him. We talked about how there were so many tender mercies and angels attending them. Things “could” have been worse…but it wasn’t! They were being watched over for sure! That everyone is alive, able to walk away with only minor injuries…that’s a miracle!  
I took him to the Dr. today because he’s been having a constant headache. She confirmed he has a concussion. 🙁 She wants him to rest as much as possible…which means no school the rest of the week if possible (if he must go he should only 1/2 day), limiting video games and computer time too. I guess that takes too much brain power. 😛  If he isn’t improving by Friday she wants us to call and she’ll give us a referral to a concussion specialist. Hopefully he’ll be much better by then.
We are definitely counting our blessings. We know things could have turned out much different. So grateful for my boy!!! <3 

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