Concussion Specialist

Eli had his appointment with the concussion specialist in Phoenix this morning. He got his history and cause of the injury etc. and ran him through some tests. 

They don’t like to put kids through imaging if they don’t absolutely need to so they typically diagnose from symptoms, pain, how it affects their daily life, and some motor tests. 
Eli is still having headaches and soreness. He gets dizzy when standing and sometimes his knees just buckle. His brain is foggy as he explains it and has a hard time concentrating. Bright lights are painful too. 
The doctor confirmed what his pediatrician had told us…he’s the lucky winner of a concussion. 🙁 
He gave us an academic accommodations form to take to school so his teachers will know what he should be limiting and need help with. Monday he’s supposed to go back to do an IMPACT test. It
is a computerized neurocognitive assessment that helps evaluate and manage concussions. Test results
are compared to baseline scores of other kids his age to see what impact it’s had on his brain. 
At that time they will also see how his dizziness/balance issues…(otherwise known as Vestibular Disorder)… are doing. They may recommend he go to therapy (Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy) for treatment and correction. 
So good news is he can start back to school….not so good news is he has a few more doctor appointments and healing to do. He’s on his way though and I’m SO grateful his injuries weren’t worse. 
To help cheer him up we took him out for a BIG breakfast! 🙂 
This place was on Driver’s, Dine-In’s, and Dives a few years ago. 
I think he was happy! 🙂 
Love you Eli! <3 

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