Car Accidents Stink!

Eli has been having a persistent headache since the accident along with lots of soreness in his back, neck and arm. I decided I better get him checked out to be safe. 
I’m so glad I took him in. It turns out he has a concussion. Most likely from hitting heads with Cody, the driver seat chair, and the window. He was really tossed around. 🙁 
She wants him to take it easy the rest of the week. Limit video/computer games, no school, and nothing that will jostle his head around. 
After the doctor we went to see the chiropractor to get a full examination and hopefully get him so help for his back/neck. The chiropractor also confirmed he has a concussion and wants to see him for treatments for the pain from the whiplash for the next month or so. 
Unfortunately, that also means he will miss the Scout snow trip this weekend. Weather has forecasted 1-2 feet of fresh snow while the boys are up there. It would have been so much fun!! I feel so sad for him. He was really looking forward to it. But we have to take care of that sweet little head. 
Last year he was sledding on the snow trip and his face collided with a tree and was pretty banged up. We can’t risk something like that happening again. After talking a little bit we also thought sleeping on the cold hard ground with all the back/neck pain he’s having wouldn’t be the smartest either. 
So….instead we’ll have to find some fun movies to watch and get some tasty snacks! 😛 

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