No Going Back!!!

My “baby” is officially 10!!! 
Last week at church one of our sweet older friends The Dimbatt’s (who knew and worked with my Grandpa McClendon years and years ago at the Bell Telephone Co.) were chatting with Alayna. 
Sis. Dimbatt told her, “Once you hit double digits there’s no going back! You’ll always be in double digits!” 
This really stuck with her. She brought it up again later that day. LOL!!!
 But I told her, “That’s true…until you hit triple digits!” LOL! 
She’s not sure she’ll live that long but you never know! People are living longer and longer!  😛
So here we are…my last child has hit the decade mark! Where is the time going?
 I went into labor with her all those years ago right when the movie “White Christmas” had just ended. I had never seen it before and I was feeling antsy and stayed up to watch it. My water broke and we dashed over to the hospital to welcome our baby girl!
She had a little trouble arriving. Her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck, chest and leg. It was a little nerve wracking at the time but all went well and she came into the world all pink! We tease her now because she still is always flipping and twirling around just like she did in my tummy! LOL!
She was 6lbs 9oz and 21 inches of sweetness! 
She never really was great at napping. She started rolling over at 3 weeks which the dr.’s said was impossible…but I have it on film and she did it all the time! LOL! She also started walking at 9 months! She was always on the move!
She has grown into such an amazing young lady. She is friends with everyone….boys and girls. She loves to be girly but can beat most anyone at tether-ball! Including most 6th graders! Her teachers always tell me they are grateful to have her in their class. She doesn’t mind telling her peers to be kind and mind their manners. She loves with her whole heart. She is nostalgic and misses family and friends something fierce if they move away or are gone too long. She’s always loved to color and draw and she’s developing that skill which makes me happy. She plays the piano beautifully…but does still get nervous to perform for people. She loves to sing and is in the school and church choir! She’s amazing at math and loves it which thrills me! A lot of girls shy away from math. She devours books which I’m grateful for too. She loves to write her own books/stories and she illustrates them herself! She is so funny, sassy, and smart as a whip! 
I love spending time with her! We have a tradition every year on her birthday we watch “White Christmas” together and talk about the day she was born! <3
Happy 10th Birthday Laney!!! 

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